Prepare Strategic Plans and Turnkey International Operations

The Department of Commerce lists the three most common mistakes made by American Companies going international: (1) failure to obtain qualified counseling to assist in developing a master international marketing plan before starting an export or international business; (2) insufficient commitment by top management to overcome the initial difficulties and financial requirements of exporting; and, (3) insufficient care in selecting overseas third-party distribution methodologies. These mistakes are not unique to American companies; they can be found in businesses world wide.

We offer our clients over twenty-five years experience in the international arena. The breadth of experience available to you spans sixty-five countries across six continents. We will work independently or in concert with your current group of professionals to achieve your international goals. We will define your market entry strategies and tell you how, what, when, where and why you should operate in a certain way to maximize overall profits.

If you do not have a plan, we will assist you in developing a workable approach to the global marketplace.  If you have a plan, we will provide assistance at any desired level. Regardless of the overall goal, the primary focus of our approach to the global market place is to quickly and economically achieve results. Advancing into the global market place requires several basic steps, which at a minimum include:

Assessing corporate structure for international readiness


Is your product or service adaptable to the international market(s)?

Is your corporate structure supportive of a global operation?

Do you have the management structure for international operations?

Can you finance your expansion into the global market place?

Identifying the best  global opportunities, not just available  opportunities


Choosing the optimum market entry strategy


Developing the best marketing strategies


Negotiating the best  deal


Structuring the best financing


We are ready to analyze your existing plan for compliance with these minimum criteria, or will develop a plan that covers all the basics.

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