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Identify global opportunities around the world specific to your company's business

Sellex International does not merely focus on identifying export opportunities for your product or service. Our goal is to assist you in finding the best opportunities.  We explore opportunities that will help you maintain or increase your competitiveness and include consideration of the following:

3dsb.gif Exporting and Importing Products
3dsb.gif Sourcing of Materials
3dsb.gif Outsourcing of Services
3dsb.gif Strategic Partnering
3dsb.gif Mergers and Acquisitions
3dsb.gif Technology Transfer

Once a prime opportunity is determined, either through our efforts or in conjunction with the client company, Sellex provides Collateral Information  relative to the opportunity. Should a client so desire, critical inter-cultural business information can be provided in the each of the targeted countries. As an example, the following information is available.

Cultural Overview: cultural origins, demographics, religions, etc...

Business Practices: reference to various guides regarding appointments, holidays, etiquette, negotiating styles, entertaining, communication, local time, voltage, etc

Protocol: guidelines regarding greetings, titles (in name order), gestures, etc...

Key Contacts: individuals within U.S. and foreign embassies, chambers of commerce, etc...

We help you find a market that needs your product or service and then provide all of the collateral information needed to determine which opportunity best suits your company.