International Product Development and Market Development
Trade Strategy

Research - How does a Company find a specific target market that needs its products or services?

International Trade

Global Market Opportunities - Should a Company source product, outsource services or acquire another company?

Market Opportunities

Overseas Operations - What method  of operation is best in a given foreign country?

Overseas Operations

Consulting - How does a Company cost effectively conduct operations in a foreign country?

export and import

Finance - How does a company finance international operations?

consulting and marketing

Marketing - Should a Company market its product or services abroad as it does in its home country?

Sellex International will help you answer these questions. Sellex helps corporations and business owners worldwide identify and take advantage of global opportunities that will increase their profits. What sets Sellex apart from the competition is simple: we can provide you with a straight forward, focused plan or turn-key the development and implementation of your entire international operation. We do not think merely in terms of exports or imports, but instead in terms of opportunities.  To learn more, please explore our site.

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